Haiku – Spindled and Smoky

Some Thursday haikus for your delectation or otherwise…



Thick-thighed English oak

Or spindled silver birch bones.

Each skywards stretching.



Up stone steps dusk creeps.

Over teak door and whitewashed sill.

Smoky light spills out.

Thanks for reading, folks. If you’re looking for new short story bloggers to follow then you can do far, far worse than to take a look at Paul O’Connell’s work. Here is one that I particularly enjoyed…


Matthew Richardson is a writer of short stories. His work has featured in Gold Dust magazine, Literally Stories, Near to the Knuckle, McStorytellers, Penny Shorts, Soft Cartel, and Shooter magazine. He is an absentee member of the Glasgow Writers Group, a PhD student at the University of Dundee, a lucky husband, and a proud father.

Not necessarily in that order


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