2020: Reflection

As a subdued Hogmanay draws to a close here in Scotland I thought I’d drop a line to say thanks to all my friends here on WordPress (I can’t abide the term ‘followers’ – there’s something far too messianic about the implied relationship!). I’m fortunate enough that after two and a half years of blogging my short stories and updates on the progress of my doctorate, I’ve met and engaged with some wonderful writers.

There is something about the nature of blogging that avoids the triteness of platforms such as Twitter. The best bloggers spend a significant amount of time writing and editing their articles, and the forethought and care makes for a much more engaging reading experience. It feels to me as though there is less of a focus upon the pithy one-liner or the scathing slap down, and more of an effort to actually write to a good standard and convey a narrative or an argument. I really get so much from the WP bloggers who I follow, so thanks for your work and your conversation.

Writing-wise, it’s been a relatively quiet year for me. I’ve managed approximately one post per week, whilst three of my short stories have been picked up for publication elsewhere. Not horrendous, but I didn’t get my stories out to as many publishers as I should have done. Time to up my game for 2021.

I passed the upgrade-review for my Professional Doctorate. My ethics application was approved, and I will be in a position to start data collection in a week’s time. I’m really looking forward to playing around with my data and I’ve started to draft sections of my write-up. I’m still really enjoying it.

Thanks for all of your feedback and discussion in 2020, and I look forward to reading your blogs in 2021!

Matthew Richardson is a writer of short stories. His work has featured in Gold Dust magazine, Literally Stories, Near to the Knuckle, McStorytellers, Penny Shorts, Soft Cartel, Whatever Keeps the Lights On, Flashback Fiction, Cafelit, and Shooter magazine. He is a doctoral student at the University of Dundee, a lucky husband, and a proud father.

Not necessarily in that order.

17 thoughts on “2020: Reflection

  1. well argued, Matthew; I love WordPress for similar reasons: it gives you the opportunity to spread your literary wings and to receive decent feedback and appreciation. Glad you’re coming along in your studies and looking forward to reading more of your work in 2021. Cheers 🙂

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  2. Happy New Year, Matthew 🙂

    Well done with the publications. Getting published by someone else is a splendid achievement. Double well done on the progress towards your Doctorate.

    Looking forward to sharing more stories and exchanging more thoughts and ideas as 2021 plays out.

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  3. Happy New Year to you & your family. Massive congratulations on publishing such great stories & well done for getting your Doctorate sorted through such a crazy year. Looking forward to being entertained with more of your stories through 2021!

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  4. Hi, Matthew—

    I consider myself so fortunate to be able to read and enjoy your fine work—and to benefit from your comments on my posts. That was a fine overview of the blogging world.

    I share your dislike of the word “follower”; I use subscribers instead.

    It’s nothing short of remarkable to me that you’re writing publishable work, progressing toward your doctorate, holding a job, and I’m sure being an attentive spouse and dad (“not necessarily in that order”…).

    All good wishes to you and your family for a safe and wonderful 2021. Hope you get some time to sleep occasionally!


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    1. You’re right Annie ‘subscriber’ is so much better! Thanks for your kind wishes – right back at you – and I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts and commentary in 2021!


  5. I always find “follower” weird – partly because most of them seem to be robots! The other part is that it makes me feel as if I have a cult expecting me to come out with something sensible!

    Is Hogmanay the same as New Year’s Eve – I was chatting to a friend the other night and I think I was getting confused with Burn’s Night, which is soonish isn’t it? I thought Hogmonay was eating Haggis. But she seemed to be all about her whisky.

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    1. Haha I think you are right, it’s the cultish connotations that make me uncomfortable! Yeah Hogmanay is New Year’s Eve over here, although there is nothing to stop you consuming haggis and whisky on both occasions should you wish! A happy 2021 to you and yours!


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