Set and Smother | Haiku

Morning folks,

Less than perfect weather in Scotland at present, which may have influenced the following haiku…


A boot’s impression

Set fast under setting sun.

Feathered frost creeping.


Leaf-smothered gutters.

Ditches choked with mulch and muck.

Run-off, trapped, eddies.

Things I’ve read this week…

I came across a brilliant drabble a few weeks ago called ‘Russian Penicillin‘ by David Stewart. I’ve made the mistake in the past of trying to lever too much research into a piece of historical fiction, leaving the piece lumpen and leaving readers cold. David Stewart’s piece is a perfect example of how to thread knowledge through fiction; the research never feels levered-in and the narrative is the focus. As such, the history in the story feels more authentic.

Woman of the Sea‘ by Linda Lee Lyburg is a wonderfully cosy tale of the mysterious sea set in the Isle of Man. It really is feel-good fiction with Manx cat, thatched cottage, and maritime mystery, all for the reader’s delectation. I enjoyed this a great deal.

*Thanks for reading, folks. Images courtesy of Wikipedia and Peakpx. My recent short stories include ‘Foundering‘ and ‘Traitor’s Gate‘.

Matthew Richardson is a writer of short stories. His work has featured in Gold Dust magazine, Literally Stories, Near to the Knuckle, McStorytellers, Penny Shorts, Soft Cartel, Whatever Keeps the Lights On, Flashback Fiction, and Shooter magazine. He is a doctoral student at the University of Dundee, a lucky husband, and a proud father.

Not necessarily in that order.

12 thoughts on “Set and Smother | Haiku

  1. I really like the contrast between the two haiku. The first one using crisp syllables, the second containing words which stick in the mouth, like soggy leaves. Clever, Matthew!

    I enjoyed the two little tales as well. Thanks for sharing those 🙂

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  2. Hello Matt, thank you for the shout-out of my piece Russian Penicillin. I don’t know how I missed your comment until now. It’s funny you mention research since I did more for that story than I do for most, but I’m glad it came across okay. It is a hard balance to strike, especially in 100 words. Glad you liked you it.

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