Vengeance is Mine – Close to the Bone Fiction

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord. Not if you don’t make good use of it, it isn’t…


Phish on the Line – Shooter literary magazine

A scammer finds a willing victim…


Boarding – McStorytellers

A snooty driver.  A passenger with a chip on his shoulder.  An enforced car share aboard a lurching ferry.  What can go wrong?


Tagged – Soft Cartel

The happiest moment of his life…?


The Decent Thing – Penny Shorts

Sian has a duty to take care of her mother…

The Decent Thing

Light in the Blackhouse – McStorytellers

The stories her father had told her returned; stories of selkies, the souls of dead mariners come back to haunt the living…

Light in the Blackhouse

Meeting Margery Mercer – McStorytellers

An agoraphobic man ventures out…

Meeting Margery Mercer

The Predator – McStorytellers

I’m content to wait; a predator settling down into the long grass…

The Predator

Watan – Literally Stories

Ah sir, you come upon me just as I am closing for the night…


Pens Down – Near to the Knuckle

Stop writing. Time’s up…


A Life on Track – Literally Stories

An end to the daily commute…

A Life on Track

Fat – Gold Dust magazine

A plan too big to fail…