Light in the Blackhouse

Good morning folks,

My latest short story has just been published courtesy of Brendan Gisby and McStorytellers. Read it here

It is 1849 on a bleak corner of the Isle of Lewis. A storm is coming, and with it comes the stirrings of the undead…

Light in the Blackhouse

Matthew Richardson

Artwork by Kyla RichardsonLight in the Blackhouse

9 thoughts on “Light in the Blackhouse

  1. This story crept gradually inside me, leaving me with shivers. You write with a poise and finesse that few manage to grasp. Your story is both elegant and darkly intrusive. It is not the genre I would usually commit to, but I like your style so much that I have followed you. Wonderful, just wonderful! Words evade me.

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      1. If you ever need a review for your work, to use to publicise, I would be happy to! You really have a great talent. Thanks for checking out my work, and the follow is much appreciated! Thanks for reading.

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